Tom Barton

Tom Barton

MSc Student in Politics

Royal Holloway, University of London


From September I will be starting a PhD in Politics at Royal Holloway, University of London. This is funded by the SeNSS DTP consortium through the ESRC and I am on a 1+3 full scholarship. My Thesis seeks to understand the impact that voter ID laws have on not only election turnout but perceptions of democratic integrity. This involves building my own dataset of voter ID laws for countries around the world. The main purpose of the PhD is to understand the different ID laws around the world.Also to move the discussion to be more comparative in nature.

More broadly my interests are in quantitative politics, especially voting behaviour, political value formation and value change. However, I also have an interest in individual testimonies of war which typically fall outside of the prevailing narrative of conflict, as they can provide a different view of what war is or can be.


  • Electoral Integrity
  • Voting Behaviour
  • Political Values
  • War Testimony


  • PhD in Politics, From September 2020

    Royal Holloway, University of London. Thesis - The Impact of Voter ID Laws on Electoral Turnout and Perceptions of Democratic Integrity. A Comparative Study

  • MSc in Elections, Campaigns and Democracy, 2019 - present

    Royal Holloway, University of London. Thesis - The Mechanisms Between Liberal Values and University Attendance.

  • BA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations with Quantitative Research (1st Class), 2016 - 2019

    University of Kent. Thesis - The Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Electoral Turnout and Perceptions of Democratic Integrity. An Comparative Study.








Academic Work

Stability of Attitudes

The current literature on political attitudes often provides conflicting evidence on attitude change or attitude stability.This essay seeks to resolve that.

Values of University students

Academic studies largely agree that those who have been to university do hold more liberal values than those who have not. However, what is lacking within the current literature is clarity on why this is the case.

BA Dissertation

The purpose of this study is to address the lack of attention that ID laws currently experience and to bring the discussion away from the USA and into the global realm.

The transformation of agency and emotion in war, an individual testimony

The ‘theatre of war’ can shape an actor’s agency and elicit a range of emotions. This essay will explore how war impacts the individual by analysing the testimony of Sergeant Len Coldwell, who wrote a letter from a Prisoner of War (POW) Camp in 1942.